2020 Solana based characters that will be the first to access our blockchain utilization platform which includes games, private lounges, and more. Accessible for Kind Koala holders & other allowed projects.

Meet the Kind Koala NFTs

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2020 Kind Koala Supply

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A powerful brand that is more than profile art. Koalas are your personal access key to all software we will develop. Read more.

mint & holder Rewards

All Kind Koala Holders will receive benefits after the initial mint phase has ended and the Koalas are on the secondary marketplaces.

Platform profit distribution

Staking & rewards

Meet the KIND KOALA squad


Co-Founder & Developer

Hey! I’m a 19 year old front-end developer with a passion to create stunning interfaces and now not too long ago into NFTs and blockchain technology.

Calm Founder of Kind Koalas


Co-Founder & Developer

Hello! Name is Max, I am the lead developer at Zaab and also handle marketing for clients. I have joined forces with Kind Koalas and am excited to move foward and moon this project.


Lead Developer

Hi! I am a senior full-stack blockchain developer with solid experience developing NFT project and technology with a interest in cutting-edge tech.


Community Manager

Hello! My name is Yannick and I am the owner of OurEyesManagement. I’m helping the creators of Kind Koalas with building a great community! I would love to speak to you all in the Discord!


Strategic Partnerships


Advisor & Manager


Full-stack Developer



Our trail to success

We have analyzed many NFT projects and have carefully crafted a trail that leads our Kind Koalas to success.

White-label Casino Beta
Beta release of our white-label casino to showcase our advancements in development. Please note this is a BETA release and could include bugs, recommend is to use a burner dev wallet.
You can play the BETA with fake (devnet) SOL.
after mint
After the public mint (TBA), we will attribute rewards to all holders of these items:
  • Gold Leaf: Minter can choose a koala to be adopted by STK Foundation
  • White Hoodie Logo: Minter receives a hoodie of choice
  • Gold Retina Eye: Minter will enter raffle to win $500 in SOL (5 winners)
  • Gold Body: Minter will enter raffle to win $1k in SOL (5 winners)
  • Heart Eyes: Minter can vote on a charity
after mint
after mint
Charity Donations
After the mint has ended, we will donate a total of 200 Solana to these charities:
  • 37.5%: to Save The Koalas
  • 25%: to Picked by Minter
  • 25%: to Picked by Minter
  • 12.5%: adopt Koalas (STK Foundation)
after mint
May 2022
Holder Platform Release
The release of our holder-only platform which includes staking and a token marketplace. The platform will allow you to purchase various collectables & real-life items such as:
  • Whitelist Spots for Koala DAO backed projects
  • NFT Collectables (auction & purchase now)
  • Merchandise (mugs, hoodies, tshirts, etc)
  • Tickets to real-life events (*not organized by Koala DAO)
and much more...
May 2022
June 2022
Discord Bot beta
The first set of web3 plugins for Solana will be released to Koala Holders.
  • Account Verification
  • Whitelist Management
  • Listing & Sales Tracker
There are more plugins coming in the full-release of the Discord bot.
June 2022
July 2022
Our DAO-as-a-service will be accessible to everyone for a fee and free to use for all Kind Koala holders. The platform allows you to create a DAO in minutes with community-focused aspects such as voting rights based on NFTs, rarity & count and a forum feature where your DAO members can post new threads about exciting stuff that the DAO can later vote upon if the DAO admins/moderators which to elevate that thread to a voting thread.
July 2022
July 2022
Discord Bot release
Our Discord bot will be released to all Koala holders and will include a rent feature to Koala holders not using the bot, to earn side-income from our plugin suite.
The following plugins are currently on our roadmap:
  • Giveaway Management
  • Cross-Server Collaboration Management
  • FCFS DAO & Alpha Group Management
These plugins are being built to empower the Solana NFT ecosystem & allow for everyone to collaborate & partner more easy. For both new and released projects.
July 2022

frequently asked questions

An NFT is a Non-fungible token (a piece of art) that lives on the blockchain. Owning an NFT is like owning a painting, but instead of owning it physically, you own it virtually.

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