genesis strategy

During our AMA at 19/05/2022 we’ve received many questions regarding our marketing campaign, although the steam is starting to pick up we’re just not satisfied with how marketing is going. This is highly-dependant on our marketing budget (which is too small). So we’ve come up with a plan to counter this issue and on what to do now.


Genesis collection
Genesis Koala, the origin collection with a supply of 250 (to raise funding)
Primary collection
Kind Koalas, the core collection with a supply of 2020 (nothing will change here)
A percentage of the sale price everytime an NFT is sold on a marketplace
Floor price (FP)
The lowest price you can purchase an NFT from, from a given collection
The amount of currency (in this case SOL) transacted in a given collection, in a given time period

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New strategy

We will drop a genesis collection on our current announced mint dates (may 27 & 28).

Here’s some important information information about the genesis collection:

Private mint
Current WL, 3 SOL mint, May 27
Public mint
3 SOL mint, May 28 (if available)
Art type
Genesis Pass (card)
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The utility for this genesis collection is centred from an investors perspective and is the following:

  1. Airdrop of 1 KindKoalas NFT
  2. 10% of KindKoalas mint revenue
  3. 7.5% from all secondary marketplace sales of KindKoalas (not genesis)

More detailed explanation of each individual utility can be found below, but first let’s talk about why we’re doing this.

Our reasoning

The core reason behind this large change in the project’s timeline is that we can achieve much better results if we scale our advertising’s efforts with the budget from the genesis collection.

With the current price of Solana (at the time of writing) which is roughly $49, we would raise around $37k. Money that will go to further developing & marketing the core project, Kind Koalas to achieve much better results on the secondary market, which directly impacts the genesis investors as they receive 7.5% from every secondary market sale of a Kind Koalas NFT.

Due to an exponentially increased marketing budget the secondary market volume & floor price can lay much higher which is great for everyone.

Reasoning TLDR;
  • Insufficient marketing budget to gain satisfied amount of interest
  • Raise funds to increase marketing efforts
  • Avoid fall of secondary market FP & low volume

What do Genesis Minters/Holders get?

The genesis minters can relate themselves to seed-round investors. Which is the first (official) equity funding stage to help grow the business/project. In return those seed-round investors get equity in that given business/project which in the case of KindKoalas is royalties. A large percentage of the secondary market sales (7.5% per sale).

Lifetime Royalties from KindKoalas

This number can quickly grow as the project grows, to put this into an example:

Total Profit
Profit per NFT
10,000 SOL
750 SOL
3 SOL (~$150)
50,000 SOL
3750 SOL
15 SOL (~$750)

The increased budget will result in more eyes on KindKoalas, the more eyes the higher the volume & floor price.

To compare this to other project’s volume:

Project name
Volume (all time)
Grim Syndicate
110,000+ SOL
16,000+ SOL
560,000+ SOL

The potential with royalties is infinite, and the floor price of the genesis collection will scale with the primary collection as the royalties go up and so does the worth of the NFT.

Mint Revenue from KindKoalas

Genesis holders will receive 10% of the total revenue generated from the KindKoalas mint which sums up to 202 SOL divided amongst 250 NFTs or 0.808 SOL per NFT.

With the current price of Solana that is roughly $40 per genesis NFT, if you hold 2 genesis NFTs you will earn twice that, etc.

Airdrop of KindKoalas

Genesis minters will receive 1 KindKoala that will be airdropped to their wallet. The genesis minter’s wallets will be snapshotted shortly after sell out. After which random Kind Koalas will be airdropped to these wallets, one per NFT same with the mint revenue. If you minted multiple genesis passes you will receive multiple Kind Koalas.

Genesis Benefits TLDR;
  • Lifetime royalties from KindKoalas (not genesis)
  • Mint revenue from KindKoalas
  • Airdrop of 1 KindKoalas NFT

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Our idea for the next step in our progression is as you’ve previously read throughout our announcement documentation is to create a new seperate pre-mint collection called the “Genesis Koala Pass”.

Each of those passes will grant buyers a free Kind Koala at the time of our official mint as well more importantly a share of our revenue for their early-on investment. The specifics and an example can be seen in the table shown above. A 7.5% share from every single KindKoalas sale on the secondary market. This early investor round will ensure a stability in the budget for both a sell-out and proper marketing for the upkeep and raise of our floor price after mint.

In terms of a timeframe, we are keeping our promise for the 27th and 28th of May. The current members of our WL will also be able to partake in the private sale of the genesis collection and normal collection afterwards.